Some Awkward Reasons for Wanting to Move Home

March 3, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Sometimes, you just have to move from the location you are currently residing in, there’s absolutely no choice, you need/want or have to due to forces out of your control or ones that you just can’t bare to put up with any more. Here is a short list compiled by me and my colleagues of the funniest reasons why someone may move home.

1. Nightmare Neighbors – We have all heard the horror stories of grumpy pensioner neighbours, the “chav” family from hell, the party hardy students and the night drillers are all examples of neighbours that you do not want to be living next to, not least as your home should be the sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy what little free time you may have.

nightmare neighbors1 Some Awkward Reasons for Wanting to Move Home

2. House ‘Imperfections’ – Houses have their own personalities, and not all of which you can find out in one half an hour to an hour viewing, it takes time to learn all the intricacies and shortcomings of a home. Sometimes these can just aggravate and annoy so much that you just have to move home. Take for example when you are in bed and you hear a creaking, that is obviously just a noise a house makes for hundreds of years as it’s settling into the ground, but some people may not be able to deal with this over a prolonged period of time.

3. Wildlife - Whilst a lot of people move to a new home for the surrounding wildlife, there are some cases when the wild life can only cause sleepless nights and a sense of broken will. I have spent the last three years living on the seaside and too many mornings I have awoken to the noise made by flying rats that are seagulls, and living this close to a well known Southern England Pier we have some of the biggest, most violent seagulls around. The flock of seagulls that end up waking me and I’m sure many other people in the area with the incessant squawking is as good of a reason to leave a town as any.

4. Ancient Indian Burial Ground - Ever since the movie poltergeist, the “house built on an ancient Indian burial ground” has become synonymous with haunted houses, and has led many people in the real world to become paranoid about the ground on which their house has been built. In reality the thought or paranormal activity taking over the television and scaring the living daylights of the friendly occupants, is highly improbable.

So these are some reasons that may mean you want to leave home, some are serious reasons why you might leave a place, a couple are not so serious. But what can you do to avoid any nasty surprises?

Here is a small check list for you to follow to avoid any hidden problems.

1. Speak to the Neighbors - Who’s going to know the most about the area you are potentially going to be moving into than the people that are already living there. It is always better to ask the neighbours than the person who is trying to sell the home as they may be a little biased towards selling the home.

2. Check the Web - There are many different web sites that can give you some valuable information about the area you are thinking of moving to, think about checking for a profile on the neighbourhood, you can then see if you fit the demographic. If you are interested in the crime rate you can get a detailed report from the site, this will give you some information of the crime in the area, but can be somewhat misleading.

3. Kick The Tires - Check the walls and make sure there is no structural damage and other obvious factors that you should look out for when you first look at a place, as if there is something obviously wrong, you don’t want to waste any time considering the property if it is a problem you will be lumped with.

Otherwise just follow these simple tips and you will of course find the perfect home to live in until you find some squirrels in your attic.


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